About Us

Welcome to Wholesale-Lover.com!

Wholesale-lover is an international B2B fashion clothing platform founded in 2013. Based in Xiamen, China, we mainly target America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and other promising consumer markets. With high quality ensured, you can find all the styles essential for females’ wardrobe at the most reasonable prices. Trendy tops, fancy dresses, cool jeans, sporty leggings, sexy lingerie and bikinis and so forth. Also, we sell plus-sized clothing, baby & girls’ wears and stick to expanding to include the full range of women clothing for diversified demands of customers.

Why Shopping With Us?

Up-to-date Designing

Every designer in our team has professional fashion insight and inception for a couple of working years. They keep sensitive to trend, focus on excellence, and strive to present every piece of clothing in the most perfect state before it is available to sale. That’s why our sourcing group has newly fashionable clothes that hit the shelves every workday. Women of all ages will find their favorite here at wholesale-lover.

Guaranteed Manufacturing

Sourcing from China-based industry-leading manufacturers, all the products are treasures of technical power, including careful fabric selection, advanced production capabilities, and complicated handiwork. Especially, every detail and decoration you see in our clothing is produced by more than 7 technicians experienced for over 5 years. You will be amazed at the quality at such a price as you receive the goods.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Product is the core of our company, while quality is the root of the product. Upholding such production philosophy, we employ professional quality inspectors to keep a close eye on the process of production, once discovering a flaw, we make prompt changes and modifications, ensuring that product undergoes multiple quality tests and dimensional measurements before being put on the shelves. 

Extensive Product Range & Impressive Prices 

You can find no more competitive prices of extensive woman clothing updated daily as we offer. All you need to do is to search, add to cart in bulk and place the order over $59, we promise you an ample supply and fast delivery from our oversea warehouses.

Flexible Warehousing, Standardized Packaging & Fast Shipping

With a large inventory and clear category sorting, our abundant product stock can meet your continuous supply and replenishment needs. Catering to your one-stop supply requirements, we are the best choice for you.

In order to meet your different transportation needs, we cooperate with several internationally renowned logistics operators for your varied shipping options, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, KCS, and TNT. Once order placed, the products will be packaged according to strict standards and dispatched immediately. No matter where you are, we guarantee that the goods will be delivered to you for the first time. 

Earnest Customer Service

Customers are our best friends. Wholesale Lover is always here to listen to anything you are happy or unhappy with. Since your likes drive us to move forward, your feedback pushes us to optimize the service. Where to contact us? Our professional and dedicated customer service is available in WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, telephone and email, etc. Having any questions when shopping, you just tell us and we will definitely offer you a tailored solution ASAP.

Precise OEM Service

Want to be unique, eye-catching or alternative in brand tag or clothing label? Just find Wholesale Lover, nothing to worry about! We satisfy all your OEM requirements under the help of professional design experts and production consultants. And we believe that rigorous consideration will surely lead to a precise and accurate effect.

If you want women’s wears that will deliver the value, buy them at wholesale-lover.com. For any questions on our services or goods, feel free to contact us.